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Our Works

We have a wide array of productions and our clients are from several sectors, from consumer products businesses to studios in Hollywood.


A series of 5 episodes, with 3D characters staged on Live Video Background. A challenging project, well executed by Avarts team, for animation, composing and post-production.

Non-Communicable Diseases

Short 3D animation clips to sensitize people on danger of NCDs. Avarts handled the designing and execution of the productions.


3D animation TVC with 3D-modelled vegetables performing on a stage.


A romantic love story told in 3D world, with 3D characters and decors.

Ding and Sance

A 3D animated series for edutainment purposes. 3D characters and animation by Avarts.

Citezen Road Safety

A series of 3D animation clips for a road safety campaign, developed by Avarts.

Citezen Road Safety

A series of 3D animation clips for a road safety campaign, developed by Avarts.

What else we can do

We are skilled and equipped enough to produce content for all purposes - from TV and Radio commercials to VFX for features.

3D Visualisation

Whether you are looking for realistic renderings or non-photorealistic renderings of your products, we have the talents.

Interactive 3D

Add interactivity to your 3D objects so as to engage your customers to better know your products and services.

3D Characters

We design and develop 2D and 3D mascots for brands, as well as CG characters for TV Serials, features, educational and informative content.


Our ability to create 3D objects and integrate them in real-life scenes, with well-dosed Visual Effects, makes AVARTS the premium VFX studio in the region.

Motion Graphics

Modern corporate videos use a lot of 2D motion graphics animation with 3D elements and our talented artists are waiting for you. We also do storyboard animation, pre-visualisation for films.

Promotional Films

We have a state-of-the-art production studio, with latest cameras and accessories, drones, editing and post-production facilities. We conceptualise and produce corporate and promotional videos.

TV Commercials

We have the tools, man-power and know-how to produce TV commercial films. We also hire filming equipment to crews shooting in Mauritius.


We can be your best outsourcing option when it comes to CG imaging, rotoscoping, content development, and audio-visual productions. We are based in one of the safest countries in the world, with multi-lingual abilities, and we are used to delivering to clients around the world. From Mauritius to Hollywood, we have been involved in a few co-productions.

Let's Work Together!

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1st floor, MTML Square, Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius.

Tel: +230 5958 7334, +230 5888 5999