Motion Graphics

A video production studio that excels in typographic animation, parallax animation, motion graphics and 2D animation for promotional films, corporate videos and advertising films.

Our Works

We offer a robust, reliable technical team, and equipment for 2D & 3D productions, video productions, VFX for films and live productions with streaming solutions on multi-platform.

Bann Bienfe ek Danze Internet

2D Animation with motion graphics film.

PwC experTax

2D motion graphic film.


Motion graphic involving 3D tracking.

World Cup 2018 Statistics in Mauritius

2D motion graphic film comprising of typographic animation as well.

Peer to Peer Lending

Motion graphics with Animated Characters.

2019 Budget Analysis by PwC

Motion graphic, chroma key shooting and compositing.

La Cambuse Hotel

2D motion graphics involving 3D tracking, compositing, editing and post production.

Protecting Coral Reefs – IOC

2D animated film involving drawing skills, compositing, sound recording and editing.

What else we do 

We offer a range of services related to Animation, VFX, Films and Live video Productions. Our highly experienced team is capable to providing solutions for all mediums, technologies and platforms

3D Visualisation

Whether you are looking for realistic renderings or non-photorealistic renderings of your products, we have the talents for proper product visualisations.

3D Characters

We design and develop 2D and 3D characters for brands, as well as 2D & 3D characters for TV serials, features, educational and informative content.


Our skilled 3D animation artists just love giving life and personality to 3D characters. We make them talk, laugh, cry, dance, jump and sleep.


Our ability to create 3D objects and integrate them in real-life scenes, with well-dosed Visual Effects, makes AVARTS the premium VFX studio in the region. The magic of 3D realistic rendering.

Interactive 3D

Add interactivity to your 3D objects so as to engage your customers to better know your products and services.

Promotional Films

We have a state-of-the-art production studio, with latest video and film cameras and accessories, drones, editing and post-production facilities. We conceptualise and produce corporate and promotional videos.

TV Commercials

We have the tools, man-power and know-how for TV commercial productions. We also rent filming equipment to crews shooting in Mauritius.


We offer multiple types of video and film productions and our clients are from diverse sectors, from consumer products businesses to studios in Hollywood. VFX for films, editing and post- facilities, filming crews, storyboarding and previz. Best production studio in Mauritius for co-productions for film-makers and film producers to benefit from the Film Rebate Scheme in Mauritius.

Live Video Production

AVARTS media production studio sets the perfect stage for live video production and broadcast on multiple streaming platforms, HD production with high quality sound, live video conferencing with participants from across the globe. Multicamera setup and live chroma shoot capability for presentations, news and corporate events.

Let's Work Together!

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1st floor, MTML Square, Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius.

Tel: +230 5958 7334, +230 5888 5999